Oasis Public School is a preparation for life…

an avenue to give each child a strong foundation to build on.

Welcome to Oasis Public School

Oasis Public School, established in 1985, is a premier educational institute in Warangal which aims towards imparting education for the all-round development of a child.

At Oasis, every child is treated as a unique individual. Our personalised learning techniques brings out the maximum potential of a student.

We opt for a comprehensive student evaluation and assessment program that helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of a student.

At Oasis Public School, We believe in using Innovative teaching techniques to transcend traditional text book Learning.

At Oasis Public School, students of Std. IX and X are being provided career guidance and counselling programs.

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Every Child is a Star

Each child is encouraged to perform to the best of his/her ability. We are committed to provide a well rounded education aimed at overall development of a child’s personality.

Redefining Goals

Oasis Public School believes in the Sthithapragna (the stability of mind) – of our culture. “True wisdom comes from the fear of the Lord”.

Social Services

We teach our children to share their resources with the poor and needy. Children collect money and materials and give these as Gift Packets to poor children.

OASIS Institutions

Oasis Public School started in 1985. Pi-GATE International Olympiad School, started in 2009. D.Ed College & B.Ed College started in 2007.

Digital Age Curriculum

The “Research based, Integrated Indigenous & International Digital Age Curriculum” which is adopted in Oasis is obtained from educationally.

Digital Class & Language Lab

India’s First Laptops, 24*7 Broad Band Internet connected Digital Classroom with Latest Educational Software from America.

Students Activities

About Oasis Public School

Oasis Public School is a preparation for life… an avenue to give each child a strong foundation to build on.

  • English Grammar Class
  • Music Class
  • Karate
  • Digital Library
  • Digital Class

Latest Events


  • Our Student is selected for Google Scholarship
  • Doctorate in Pharmacy in U.S.A
  • Doctorate in Zoology
  • Participated in National Level Judo Competitions


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